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"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

Sustainability, driving pleasure and efficiency do not have to be mutually exclusive. 

We are aware of our responsibility in the context of the traffic turnaround, which is why we have made it our goal to make electric vehicles more attractive to the general public. 

We are convinced that the e-bike is an adequate alternative to the car for medium distances, which has led us to create incentives for a switch. We believe that e-bikes can be smart, efficient visually appealing and yet affordable. It is precisely these characteristics that make an e-bike LEGENDary.

Our Mission

Electromobility is on everyone's lips today. As awareness of the well-being of our planet grows among the population and politicians, the calls for renewable energies and electric vehicles are getting louder and louder. Although the primary focus is on electric cars or those with hybrid drives we prefer a different solution. Of course, a greater proportion of electric cars on our roads makes for cleaner air, but we are nevertheless taking a different approach.

With technical progress in the field of electric motors, batteries and control electronics, the e-bike is now a suitable alternative to the car, at least on inner-city routes. The growing importance of climate and environmental protection in politics also means that the transport network is becoming increasingly bike-friendly, albeit in some cases only in small steps. It is important to drive this development forward.

With this in mind, we see it as our duty to make e-bikes more attractive to the general public. Ease of use, comfort, performance and safety are the key factors we focus on when developing our bikes. Because in the best case, an enthusiastic e-biker also infects those around him with his enthusiasm. In this way, we hope to effect the switch from the car to the e-bike and strengthen confidence in e-mobility. Every trip on which an e-bike replaces the car is a gain and brings us closer to our goal.

Our Quality

Our goal is to fascinate. This requires more than just modern looks and pure functionality. Fascination thrives on positive emotions and experiences, and we have made it our mission to deliver just that.

The journey of our customers begins with the order and then proceeds step by step. Our understanding of quality is to convince at each of these stages, whether in the fast, uncomplicated delivery, the initial assembly of the bike or the first-class riding experience.

To meet these demands, we use high-quality components from proven manufacturers and work with reliable service providers to manifest our concept and ideas materially. We apply the same high quality standards to our products as to our service, which includes a friendly, competent and present customer service.

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