LEGEND electric bikes are guaranteed according to Law 23/2003 of 10 July, on Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, in accordance with European Directive 1999/44/EC.


  1. All LEGEND products are guaranteed for 2 years, excluding consumables, and provided that normal conditions are met.
  2. The batteries sold by LEGEND also have a 2 year warranty. However, after the first 6 months the customer must prove that the fault corresponds to a manufacturing defect.

In the event the point of sale or end customer assigns this proof/examination to the manufacturer (which has the analysis equipment necessary for that purpose) and it is determined that the guarantee does not apply, the latter should bear the costs incurred for performing this test, and the shipping costs if applicable.

The loss of battery life as a result of the wear of the battery itself is not a manufacturing defect, since this is a behaviour inherent to the properties of lithium. Therefore, the guarantee only applies if the loss of autonomy is below 70%.

  1. The 2 year warranty does not cover parts that suffer continuous wear through normal use of the electric bicycle (tyres, chain, brake pads, inner tubes, cables and covers, wheels, lamps, etc.).
  2. LEGEND’s coverage includes:

– Repair or replacement of defective parts for others in good condition.

– The labour required for the installation or repair of the parts and components.

– The cost of shipping (if applicable) of parts or materials to customers/distributors in order to enforce the effectiveness of the guarantee.

In the event that shipments occur during the processing of a warranty, and it is verified that the problem is excluded from coverage, it will be the customer/distributor that must bear the costs of such shipments, notwithstanding that LEGEND may offer the possibility of quoting an out-of-warranty repair.


  1. The request for application of the warranty is not transferable and can only be carried out by the original purchaser.
  2. Claims for warranty must be processed by the sales channel associated with the product under warranty:

– Official distributor

– Customer service of www.legendebikes.com

  1. To enforce the warranty the customer must always provide proof of purchase.
  2. The warranty only requires the repair or replacement of defective components and does not cover in any case personal and material damages resulting directly or indirectly from the failure thereof during use.
  3. In any case, the effective implementation of the guarantee shall be subject to assessment by the Technical Department of LEGEND, who may determine the exclusion thereof as long as it provides a reasoned justification of the nature of the malfunction or breakage.


  1. The application of the warranty is excluded in the event the defect or faulty part(s) results from improper and/or negligent use of the product.
  2. The term improper and/or negligent use shall mean:

– Any use other than that intended for the product and/or recommended in the manual.

– Not performing the maintenance operations recommended in the instructions manual, or performing operations other than those mentioned above, which compromise the product quality.

– Making changes outside authorised workshops and/or with non-original or non-approved parts.

  1. No warranty will apply if the application is due to the involvement of a third party or arises from a deliberate error.
  2. In case of accident, the LEGEND warranty is completely voided.


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