Monza 2018

Legend Monza

Legend Monza Smart eBike
is the fourth generation of this iconic Legend model, which maintains the essence of its predecessors: integratedbattery, 20″ wheel and folding in two steps.

The main changes are the big balloon Schawalbe Big Ben tyres with shock absorber effect, the new rear rack development concept with special lift for saddlebags, Tecktro hydraulic disc brakes, anchoring system for bags and baskets welded in the steering head tube (compatible with KLICKfix) which helps the weight of the basket to be transferred directly to the frame without impairing riding maneuverability


The visual aspect of the new Monza Smart eBike has been taken care of to the millimeter. But it has not been the only thing, discover the technical specifications to understand why the Monza is our most successful folding electric bicycle.

Monza 1


The Monza 2018 is equipped with the Ebikemotion system with which you will have control of all the information of your electric bike and its surroundings. Thanks to the electronics built under the CAN bus architecture and the web and mobile APPs you will be able to configure the behavior of the eBike as well as save and share your statistics, your routes, your moments…

Monza 2


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Despite being a folding electric bicycle of contained dimensions, the geometry of the design of the Monza allows that people can take it from 1.60 to 1.90 in height. In addition, it is equipped as standard with Schwalbe BIG BEN high-speed anti-puncture covers with full suspension which, inflated to 2 bar, will make all irregularities of the terrain disappear.


Efficiency and performance

Choose between 3 types of removable Li-ion batteries with specific capabilities for each type of user. All of them have a USB port, thermal sensors and electronic BMS programmed to guarantee an optimal functioning in loading and unloading.

Monza 3

Powerful motor

The Legend engine unit is robust and lightweight. Built with a 5:1 gearbox, it achieves maximum torque and efficiency around 23 Kmh, converting 80% of the energy into motion. It has a speed reading sensor of 6 pulses per cycle.

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A folding electric bicycle with eMTB brakes

An eBike flies, so with the Tektro T285 hydraulic disc brakes you’ll stop just when you need it, at the right time.

Monza 4

IP 67: Water and dust proof

Protected electronics and stainless components that are weatherproof.

Monza 5

Schwalbe tires

Forget the imperfections of the floor with the Schwalbe BIG BEN large ball with shock absorber effect

Monza 6

Choose, if you can.

The colors available for the Legend Monza are not the product of chance. We follow the instinct and harmony to select 3 colors that will fit perfectly with the Monza essence.

Monza 7


Take absolute control of your electric bike and the environment around you thanks to the ebikemotion system and its iWoc joystick.

Monza 8

How does it work?

The iWoc joystick on the electric bike has 5 buttons and 10 LEDs indicating the basics: battery status and level of assistance. With this, the electrical system can work by itself; but if you want to access the endless features provided by ebikemotion, all you have to do is download and install the free APP on your Android Smartphone or IOS, and link it to the bike through the Bluetooth module included in the joystick.
From your personal cloud, you will be able to see all the information regarding your electric bicycle tour. Maximum, minimum and average speed, calories consumed, altitude, route difficulty, detailed times, etc.

Monza 9
Monza 10

Analyze, share and compare every detail of your routes

Enter your personal page in the cloud by accessing and you can see all the information about your routes: Consumption, Maximum, minimum and average speed, calories consumed, altitude, difficulty of the route, detailed times, etc. In addition, through integrated web services, such as FACEBOOK or STRAVA, you can compare all the details with other users who have made their activities public. Riding a bicycle will never be the same again.

Monza 11


Monza grey
Monza black
Monza blue
Monza cuadro 1 Monza cuadro 2 Monza cuadro 3

Technical specifications


250W GEARED 1:4.5 Ratio 40Nm

Maximum speed

25 Km/h

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  • 36V 8Ah Yoku  +0 €
  • 36V 10,4 Ah Sanyo-Panasonic  +100 €
  • 36V 14 Ah Panasonic  +250 €
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  • 32 pulses BB intergrated speed sensor +0 €
  • Real time BB integrated torque sensor  N/D

Bluetooth SCI* by Ebikemotion


HIGO IP67 Waterproof


60 – 100 Km**


SCU* by Ebikemotion


AL 6061 T6 Folding


Hydraulic disc TEKTRO T285


Shimano RD-FT35 6 Speeds


Spanninga Kendo


Schwalbe 20” 2.15 BIG BEN


Velo 3061A


19,5 KGs

*SCU (Smart Control Unit) SCI (Smart Control Interface).
**Range according to battery capacity. Tests carried out in flat course, without stops, with temperature of 20ºC and weight of the cyclist of 70Kgs.