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Legend Etna

When we say Legend Etna we talk about a model that is mainly one of a kind. We are talking about one of the most versatile ebikes on the market and a vehicle that adapts to all terrains and publics. We are talking about a two-wheeled SUV

Its 27,5″ folding frame incorporates a Roxshock XC30 fork, hydraulics Shimano M-315 and a 30 Speeds Deore derailleur. Additionally, there’s option for loading packages, both at front and rear, as well as a set of fenders and lights.


The new version of the Legend Etna has been carefully redesigned, surpassing its predecessor. In addition to the improved geometry now incorporates a Rockshox fork and a Shimano Deore derailleur
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As with all our new models, the Legend Etna is equipped with the Ebikemotion Smart system. Take absolute control and discover how the machine and the man work in complete harmony.
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AL 6061 T6 reinforced aluminium folding frame which reduces the space of the electric bicycle significantly with measures of just one meter.
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Removable battery

Built-in with Panasonic cells packs, the development and manufacturing leader of Lithium Ion cells. Choose the battery capacity that best suits your needs and experience the power and performance offered by the latest Lithium Ion cells

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250W or 500W

For the first time you can choose between two engines. 250W for riding on public roads and a choice of 500W, up to 42Km/h.

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Mountain eBike

The Etna is off-road, the system of double suspension has been designed so that the most difficult terrains are not an excuse for not traveling.

Hydraulic brakes

An eBike flies, so with the Shimano M315 hydraulic brakes you will stop just when you need it, at the right time.

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IP67 waterproof connectors

Protected electronics and stainless components are water, dust and other inclemency resistant.

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Maxxis Pace Tyres

The Maxxis Pace 27.5″ tyres, with a tread pattern that provides an optimum grip on the track without penalising rolling on asphalt, in combination with the full suspension, you’ll get an all-terrain driving experience.

Etna 7

Shimano Deore 30v

An electric mountain bike must be prepared for different types of terrain, unevenness and unforeseen situations that require a good derailleur groupset.

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Choose, if you can

The colors available for the Legend Etna are not a matter of chance. We follow instinct and harmony to select 2 colors that fit perfectly with the Etna essence

Etna 9

Full suspension

Its full suspension with Rockshox XC30 fork and the KS Kind Shock A5 damper with 160mm travel will work together and in perfect synchrony so that you will float.


Mudguard, rear carrier, stem-advance … Everything was selected and designed specifically for Etna. Equip it and choose from the variety of accessories available.

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ebikemotion® is the absolute control of your electric bike and its surroundings. It is a technology developed for the user to take sides, a technology that brings the experience of riding an electric bicycle to another level.

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How does it work?

The 5 button’s joystic has several LEDs that indicate the basic features: the battery range status and the level of assistance. That’s all what’s needed to get the electrical system going, on the other hand, if you wish to experience the endless amount of services provided by ebikemotion®, simply download our free APP on your Android or IOS mobile device, and pair it with the bicycle through joystick’s build-in Bluetooth module.

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Analyze, share and compare every detail of your routes

From your personal page in the cloud you will be able to see all the information regarding your route: Maximum, minimum and average speed, consumed calories, altitude, difficulty of the route, detailed timings, etc. In addition, through integrated web services, such as FACEBOOK or STRAVA, you can compare all the details with other users who have published their activities. Riding a bicycle will never be the same again.

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Etna plata Etna negra
Cuadro Etna plata Cuadro Etna negro

Technical specifications

250W GEARED 1:4.5 Ratio 40Nm or 500W GEARED 1:5 Ratio 70Nm
Maximum speed
25 Km/h – 42 Km/h (250W – 500W)
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  • 36V 10,4Ah Sanyo-Panasonic
  • 36V 14 Ah Panasonic
  • 48V 10,5Ah Panasonic
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  • 32 pulses BB integrated speed sensor +0 €
  • Real time BB integrated torque sensor  N/A
Bluetooth SCI* by Ebikemotion
HIGO IP67 Waterproof
60 – 100 Km**
SCU* by Ebikemotion
AL 6061 T6 Folding
Hydraulic disc SHIMANO M315
Shimano Deore RD-M610 30 Speeds
Sold separately
Maxxis PACE 650B 2.10
Velo PLUSH VL-3389
21,5 – 23KGs
*SCU (Smart Control Unit) SCI (Smart Control Interface). **Range according to battery capacity. Tests carried out in flat course, without stops, with temperature of 20ºC and weight of the cyclist of 70Kgs.