SIENA Smart eBike


The Legend Smart eBike SIENA is the only folding electric bicycle with 24 “wheels This intermediate wheel size provides a comfortable ride on the road without losing the functionality of a folding bike. Thanks to the ebikemotion® technology our motor controller consumes between 15% and 20% less than our competitors.

* Some components may not exactly match the description or pictures (due to supply difficulties) and may be replaced by other components of equivalent or higher range.
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Product Description


Smart eBikes

All the Legend 2018 models use the Ebikemotion® Technology and the SMART CONTROL Controller for MID and HUB. With new MOSFET technology and high efficiency algorithms, our motor controller consumes between 15% and 20% less than our competitors. That is innovating.

Legend design

The Legend SIENA is the only folding electric bicycle with 24 “wheels. These features are practically unique in the market and have been confirmed as a fully functional urban bike.

SIENA Smart eBike 2

Folding ebike

Ideal for storing in small spaces, in the room, in the office, in the elevator, in the public transport or in the car.

SIENA Smart eBike 3

Adjustable handlebar

Choose the most comfortable position to pedal thanks to its telescopic handlebar that allows you to adjust its height.

SIENA Smart eBike 4

Panasonic-Sanyo and Panasonic batteries

Enjoy the power of the 10,4Ah Sanyo-Panasonic or the 14Ah Panasonic cells battery.


Spanninga lights

Spanninga lights are attractive, reliable and provide extremely bright light.


Fast shipping

We can send your new Legend ebike to your address or to your nearest distributor in less than 24 hours.


Warranty and technical service

All our Legend models come with a 2-year warranty (battery included) and we have over 100 associated dealers where you can find quality technical service.

Product Features

Especificaciones técnicas

Motor: 250W GEARED 1:4.5 Ratio 40Nm
Batería: 36V 10,4Ah Sanyo-Panasonic (Autonomía 55-75km)

36V 14Ah Panasonic (Autonomía 80-100km)

Controladora: SCU* by Ebikemotion tech
Joystick: IWOK Bluetooth SCI* by Ebikemotion
Sensor: 32 pulses BB integrated speed s.

Real time BB integrated torque s.

Cuadro: AL 6061 T6 Plegable
Frenos: Hydraulic disc TEKTRO T285
Cambio: Shimano Tourney 7 Speeds
Cubiertas: Schwalbe 24” 2.15 BIG BEN
Luces: Spanninga Kendo
Peso: 21 Kgs
Colores: Blanco / Negro / Azul

* SCU (Smart Control Unit) SCI (Smart Control Interface)