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Side saddlebag

Sealed saddlebag with higher roll-up cover. Offers excellent resistance to water and protects your belongings from rain and dust.

Compatible with Legend Etna, Milano and Siena. The price is per unit (one side bag).


Waterproof side saddlebag

Waterproof saddlebag adapted to carry work clothes, tools or lunch for example. With roll-up top cover, this saddlebag is waterproof and will protect your belongings from rain and dust. Night riding is safer with its 2 large reflective spots that keep you noticeable.


- Tarpaulin (waterproof)
- Nylon 500D
- PE board reinforced

- Seams welded at High frequency
- Large capacity
- Backside protected by PE board
- Roll-up top cover
- Two reflective spots
- Quick release adjustable system

- Width 43 cm
- Depth 19 cm
- Height 52 cm
- Weight 1 kg