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Do you want to buy a Legend electric bike in UK? Check here the contact information of our partner stores in UK and surroundings. It is very possible that we have a point of sale near you and if not you can always buy in our online store for electric bikes and we will send your product within 24 hours.

We recommend that you check the availability of our models before going to the store by contacting them directly.

Our models include folding, mountain and touring electric bikes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We wait for you at any of our points of sale.

Buy an eBike in London

Head over to our partner stores in London, where you can try a Legend electric bike for free and without obligation, ask about the different forms of financing available and that best suit your possibilities, you will get answers to your questions and professional advice to decide which is the model. and the battery that best suits your needs and also in many cases you can also enjoy a specialized after-sales service.

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Buy an eBike in Manchester

Check on our dedicated website the list of stores available near Manchester to buy an eBike. If there aren't any, remember that you can always try a Legend electric bike for 30 days and up to 50 km and return it at no cost to you if it doesn't suit you.

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Buy an eBike in Edinburgh

If you want to buy an electric bike in Edinburgh from the Legend brand, we may already have a point of sale near you. Check them all on the dedicated page and remember that you can also buy it on our website with a 30-day money-back guarantee and up to 50 km, so you can try it in the comfort of your home and with the assurance that if it doesn't suit you , you can return it totally free for you.

Find a store near you

Buy an eBike in Bristol

You'll find up-to-date information on where to buy a Legend eBike in Bristol on our dedicated Store locator page. We ship to your city if you make the purchase directly online and we can also assure you the best price on the web. Contact us through the contact form if you find our cheapest electric bikes anywhere online.

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Buy an eBike in Liverpool

Buy an electric bike in Liverpoolfrom the Legend brand near your home or work. Consult our partner stores beforehand by clicking on the following button and you will see a map with the Legend electric bicycle sales points in your city. You can also buy your Legend eBike online and receive and test it at your home for 30 days and up to 50 km. Check the conditions on the "Try a Legend" page or contact us if you have any other questions.

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Electric bike routes in UK

Do you want to know where you can use your electric bike in Barcelona? How about a tourist route with your new electric bike that takes you through the Olympic stadium, the Sagrada Familia and the Camp Nou among other places of interest?

This one here is just one of the many routes you can find on wikiloc. Thanks to the pedaling assistance of the motor you can move faster and with less effort, up to 50% faster than with a conventional bicycle. We hope you have fun and enjoy your tours and rides with your Legend ebike more than ever.

The advantages of riding an electric bike

There are many advantages of riding an electric bicycle, these here are just some of them:

- Travel and commuting much faster and forget about traffic jams in Barcelona.
- It is a fun experience for everyone to get around, you will need much less effort on your journeys.
- Did you know that you can choose the level of pedaling assistance you need at all times? That way if you want to exercise more you can always lower the level of assistance or even turn off the engine. If you prefer to enjoy a light walk, help yourself to the motor and enjoy the views. - The hills and slopes will cease to be a suffering.
- It impacts much less on the joints and knees, making it a compatible option for any age.
- It is not necessary that you have a license or that you take out insurance to be able to circulate. - In addition to being assisted pedaling, unlike other motorized transport options, with your electric bike you can go along the bike lane of your city.
- Help the environment while reducing your spending on public and private transport, in a healthier and more respectful way with your environment.